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Elia Eatery & Gastronomic Events
Its idyllic location, the inspired setting and the supreme gastronomic creations of our awarded chef Christos Papageorgiou render Elia Eatery one of the finest dining options of the island.


Set between the waterfront of Kamari beach and the hotel’s pool area the stylish yet unpretentious ambiance of the restaurant gives a hint of the culinary journey that is about to follow. Fresh local ingredients and traditional greek flavors are refined with creative twists offering an unparalleled savory experience completed by a quality list of selected local wines and signature cocktails.


Greek night at Elia Eatery
Join us at the Greek nights organized at the charming setting of Elia Eatery and live an authentic experience of the Greek food mentality. Traditional specialties cooked with the best quality ingredients are all spread on your table at the same time and all you have to do is decide with which one to start with. Forget about first and second course and take your time having bites of everything, sharing with your company and enjoying the local wine or ouzo.


It’s wine o’clock!
Elia Eatery in collaboration with one of the oldest wineries of the island organize a special dinner dedicated to the renowned volcanic wines of Santorini. Distinguished varieties of the local wine produce along with four exquisite pairing courses specifically created for the wine tasting purposes promise an evening of sublime savors and fragrances while experts from the winery are at your disposal if you wish to learn more about the art of winemaking in Santorini


Cooking workshop
Participate in our cooking sessions and let our awarded chef Christos Papageorgiou initiate you to the secrets of the Greek cuisine. Traditional recipes & local products, fresh ideas, creative mood and lots of fun are the main ingredients composing this culinary game that will enrich your cooking skills and trigger your imagination.


The beach
At the private part of our sister hotel Bellonias Villas, the beach experience becomes luxurious with soft comfortable sun loungers under the shade of stylish straw umbrellas and a variety of refreshing cocktails and delicious dishes to be served at the waterfront.


Beauty & massage treatments
Surrender in the hands of skilled massage therapists and help your body and mind to loosen up and achieve the relaxing state of holidays or treat yourself with a spa manicure or pedicure and feel beautiful from head to toe. Our list of beauty and massage treatments satisfies every physical or spiritual need and offers various ideas for pampering yourself.

"Fabulous Hotel!"